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sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012

Será que os corifeus contrários às cotas não se cansam de falar besteiras?

Fonte: http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/brazils-racial-quotas-0022211

Brazil's racial quotas

The country’s Supreme Court approves university admissions based on race.
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For generations Brazil has taken pride in its “racial democracy” - one that does not categorise people by race. But a recent court ruling to uphold university admissions based on race is challenging this narrative. 

Supporters say the decision will correct discrimination. Opponents argue it creates racism. But does race really matter in Brazil? 

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with Idelber Avelar (@iavelar), a professor at Tulane University; Demetrio Magnoli (@demetriomagnoli), author “A Drop of Blood” and Athayde Motto (@FundoBaoba), director of the Baoba Fund for Racial Equity. 

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